Beer styles

Synonymous with the Czech Republic

  What is on the agenda beerwise?  Czech Premium Pilseners, the best selection of traditional Czech dark lagers, Vienna lagers, traditionally made low alcohol Czech beer but also Czech Pale Ale.

Czech Pilsener Lager

In 1842, the Bohemian town Pilsen, Czech Republic, has seen brewing of a type of beer that would become the most popular style in the world. That is from where the term “Pilsener” derives. The mineral content of the local water meant that beer brewed there was light-bodied, crisp and refreshing. Unfortunately, the beer style has beer bowdlerised by many brewers around the world brewing a bland characterless brew. However, a true Bohemian Pilsener is totally different - it should be sharp, well-hopped, bready and zesty. Traditionally made Czech Pilseners are fantastically drinkable and attract a deserved attention.

Dark lager

Another Czech indigenous style of beer – Bohemian dark lagers at first sight resemble stouts and indeed the coffee and roasted character of stout is there. However the body is totally different – it is light, typical of a Czech Pilsener style of beer – indeed, a traditional Czech Dark lager is incredibly drinkable with dark malts premium.

Czech Vienna lagers

Who would have thought the Best Vienna lagers nowadays are brewed in Mexico and Czech Republic? With the historic Czech Republic “Moravia” land being so close to Vienna there is definitely no wonder there – Czech style Vienna lagers are a hidden gem in a way – a pleasant dry character, delicate flavour originating from caramel malt, medium zest and bitterness pleasantly felt on the tongue translates in a fantastic semi-dark beer for real connoisseurs.

Czech style Ale & Stout

Few people are aware Czech Republic used to brew ales, called “white beer” before the Great Pilsener revolution in 1842. This style is definitely back with the new millennium and Czech Craft brewers such as Matuska and Albrecht are already admired and recognised worldwide. The secret is combining Czech, English and New world ingredients to make a unique product. Definitely come to PIVO to sample Czech style Ale and Stout.

Glassblowers beer & Low Alcohol Beer

The session beer fuss in nothing that can surprise Czech guys – indeed it had been deeply rooted in our history: Bohemia was reputed for its glassworks and guys working there were in urgent need of refreshing themselves as heat was getting unbearable. A light “Glassblower” Pilsener was the answer! Glassblowers are the only guys in the Czech Republic that are legally allowed to drink beer when working. How much actually? As much as they want!

Hey, did you know that up until 19th century the beer of choice in Bohemia was a top fermented beer called simply “white beer” brewed with Czech malt and hops? So our brewers are very proud to have reinvented this old Bohemian style ale, combining Czech and new world ingredients.