Labelling Czech beer

Right, we all know that beer labels are a key prerequisite for selling beer. With contemporary Czech independent beer, the content speaks for itself, however, in most cases, the label designs lack behind. Compared to modern-day breweries from around the world, they are considered old fashioned. It is fair to say the dark Communist period […]

Friedland castle โ€“ the home of Albrecht beer

The Friedland castle proudly stands on a high cliff in Northbohemian mountains and is among the most important castle complexes in Bohemia.  Its grandeur can be admired not only from the eponymous historical town of Friedland but also from the local Albrecht brewery that is closely connected to the castle. Indeed, the brewery was established […]

Beer Styles

Beer styles Synonymous with the Czech Republic   What is on the agenda beerwise?  Czech Premium Pilseners, the best selection of traditional Czech dark lagers, Vienna lagers, traditionally made low alcohol Czech beer but also Czech Pale Ale. Czech Pilsener Lager In 1842, the Bohemian town Pilsen, Czech Republic, has seen brewing of a type […]

Our Story

Our story Why have we established PIVO? It is very simple. UK is a fantastic beer country – the home of bitter, mild, porter and stout, more than 20 hop varieties and Barley of an outstanding quality… Along with English beer, you can commonly sample gems from beer countries such as Germany, Belgium and USA. […]

Home page

Follow us on social media to stay updated about the Grand Opening! UK’s first independent Czech Beer Pub & bottle shop 2-4 Old street, Central London Coming soon in 2021 Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter Welcome to PIVO! The UKs first Independent Czech beer hub, restaurant and bottle shop bringing you the authentic taste of real […]