May Weekend Specials

This new WEEKEND SPECIALS menu has been in the works for a long time 🥳🇨🇿 Make a note of the date for your favourite dish!

MARCELL: Pivo Birthday Celebration

We opened our pub to the public exactly one year ago! Come and help us celebrate this landmark on June 2nd from 9pm. We also have a special guest coming: Marcell, who is a famous Czech singer. You may know some of his biggest hits such NEVIM  or SVOBODA Block out your calendars […]

Becherovka Nefiltr Party

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Slivovice flowing and glasses clinking. Come and join us for our Party Night!

Zichovec: Brewery Tapover

The brewers are going to spend an exciting evening with you that entails much more than simply tasting – it is about soaking up the atmosphere with a group of dedicated brewers and hipsters. Their Nectar of Happiness has been rated the greatest Czech NEIPA! But, hey, the baltic Coconut Stout is to die for […]

Victory Day: R.JELINEK Slivovitz Tasting

r.jelinek tasting is coming to the uk

A once-in-a-decade tasting event centred on the legendary Slivovitz producer Rudolf Jelinek – This will be far more exciting than just plum brandy since we will be immersed in the world of fruity spirits such as raspberry, apricot, blueberry, and pear. You will meet Rudulf Jelinek’s entire committed crew to talk about the world of […]

Special: Cvikov 13 Rye lager

CVIKOV 13 RYE LAGER (“žitné pivo” in Czech) is a dark golden-coloured strong lager made of Rye and Barley malts 🍺 The former imparts a high level of fullness and body to the beer (through unfermented extract), as is expected of a real Bohemian lager 🇨🇿🍻 Rye hops, in combination with aromatic Hallertauer Tradition hops, […]

Cvikov Brewery Tapover

Want to tap into quintessential Bohemian lager brewing with 8 weeks long maturation? Then you will have a unique chance to meet brewers from Cvikov brewery who have travelled from the Czech Republic for this event. You will enjoy a fantastic session with Cvikov master brewers and Martin, the Czech Beer Ambassador from Pivo. They will guide you through Cvikov’s legendary lagers. […]

DJ Miro’s B-DAY Party Night

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Slivovice flowing and glasses clinking. Come and join us for our Party Night! Come and celebrate DJ’s Miro Bday this SATURDAY! Start at 8:30 pm at PIVO NO NEED TO BOOK-JUST TURN UP!