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Picture of By: Martin Macourek

By: Martin Macourek

Beer Ambassador

Whilst our story is of course about bringing Czech independent beer to Britain, we wanted to go further than that! Indeed Bohemia and Moravia, of which the modern Czech Republic nowadays consists, are both very old historical countries deeply embedded in the old Central European space consisting of Bavaria, Saxony, Austria, Hungary, Silesia and indeed Bohemia and Moravia.

It is an area that prides itself in exquisite workmanship. This was most notably North Bohemia with glassworks being set up in the beautiful hilly countryside of Lusatian Mountains proudly manufacturing their hand made glass – Glassblowers are still legally allowed to drink session lagers (with 8 plato gravity ) whilst blowing glass, such as the well-known Cvikov 8 “Glassblower” lager on permanent offer at PIVO. One of many PIVO´s Bohemian chandelieurs on centre stage in dining room is an allegory of Bohemian Gold lagers celebrating the dark golden colour and big wet head with gentle bubbles. (Bohemia Clartés). However, there is much more to discover from furniture (all items including the main bar are made from hi quality solid furniture (DR Furniture), seating (RIM), flooring (Princ Parket), partitioning (Likos) or even our beer garden (mm cité) 

All that is custom made productions suitable for high quality projects not only in the UK but anywhere else in the world.

However attention is also consecrated to detail such as crockery (G Benedikt) or Glassware (Crystalex) to the extent that we also proudly call our PIVO venue  “Little Czech Republic”

These custom made crafted products are shaped by top designers from Czech Republic and indeed the whole world. As an example our PIVO beer jugs (Jílek glassworks) are designed by the famous designer Rony Plesl whose creations can commonly be seen in London in places such as Victoria and Albert museum. The jugs are hand blown in Jílek glassworks in North Bohemia.

So warm welcome to our Little Czech Republic in Old street! 

If you are a design studio interested in custom made production for your project please contact martin@czechbeeralliance.co.uk   – put this into some frame

Photos: please put the big beer inspired chandelieur, and particular lights in dining room, our PIVO jus and the main bar with lighting just above…..maybe the smart I wall as well?

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