Frequently asked questions

Do you sell Pilsner Urquell?

We are proud to be working with a portfolio of small independent breweries who produce an amazing range of beers. Although we recognise what a fantastic brand PU is and what that particular beer has done in terms of  introducing pilsener style lager to the world, and for raising awareness of Czech beer in general, we remain fiercely independent.

Do you only sell Czech beer?

Certainly not... Our drinks list is made up of (what we consider to be) the best examples of beers, wines and spirits from across Europe. The emphasis being on produce from the Czech Republic of course!

Is there a dress code?

As long as you’re wearing clothes and shoes you can come in

Do you have a cloakroom?

Unfortunately not. Most tables are fitted with ‘chelsea clips’ from which you can secure your bags or coats.

Are dogs allowed?

Due to limitations on space within the venue, we can only permit very small (well behaved) dogs at this time.

Are children allowed?

Children accompanied by an adult are welcome until 9pm. Once on the premises, every guest is required to remain seated unless going to the toilet or leaving the premises. Please note that we do not have any baby changing facilities or high chairs at the venue.

Do you show any sports?

Yes! IIHF is on the list right now. 

Do you have any outdoor spaces?

Only a small strip at the front of the building that faces directly on to Old Street. This is uncovered and unheated with only a couple of seats available.

Are you open for lunch?

We certainly are! Open from 12pm every day for hot drinks, bar snacks, click + collect or a cheeky pint

Can I book PIVO for business meetings?

Absolutely yes. We have facilities for private meetings and presentations etc or capacity for hot desking. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs!

Is there a cancellation fee for no shows?

I’m afraid so, yes. All bookings are subject to card authentication. This card will be charged a flat fee of £5 in the event of a no show.

Is there disabled access?

We occupy a very old building with only one entrance/exit and we only have limited space for moving around the premises. We have accessible toilets on the ground floor but there is insufficient space for a wheelchair user to access the facilities.


How are staff tested for Covid?

Staff are only tested for covid when advised to do so by a medical professional. All staff have their temperature recorded prior to starting their shift. If anyone has a high temperature or has told us that they are suffering with Covid symptoms then they are instructed to remain at home.

How is venue flow managed?

The Manager on duty will be in charge of ensuring that guests are safely distanced throughout the venue. You may be required to wait whilst staff or other guests come up the staircase from the basement level, or if another group is entering or exiting the premises for example.

How do you limit capacity?

All guests are required to book in advance and be seated at table when in the venue. Any guests who have not booked will be seated if there is room to do so, otherwise they will be advised to book for another time or date.