Matuska Tapover

You’ll encounter a legend! The Matuška Brewery was founded on April 13th, 2009, which was an Easter Monday. The very first batch was brewed on this day and the beer was our special dark lager beer. The brewery falls in the mini-brewery category and it was founded by brewmaster Martin Matuška, who has been working in the beer industry since 1981.

A big milestone in the brewery’s history was the creation of one of the very first IPA beers in the Czech Republic, today already well known, the Raptor. Raptor was then followed by beers like California, Apollo Galaxy or Tropical Rocket, which are already known beers frequently made by the brewery, and we will sample them all!

Matuska’s brewmaster David and Export Manager Matej are coming to London to tell you not only about their beers but also the fascinating story of how they moved the brewing from their grandmother’s living room to a brand-new brewery. We will also discuss Matuska’s aspirations for creating a completely new beer category.

Dates and times

  • Thursday 30th June 2022
  • Tasting starts at 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Your £28 ticket comprises of:

  • 5 beers + 1 bonus beer (served in traditional Schnitt pour)
  • Delicious Bohemian beer snack – Mature cheese tartare
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