Our story

Why have we established PIVO? It is very simple. UK is a fantastic beer country – the home of bitter, mild, porter and stout, more than 20 hop varieties and Barley of an outstanding quality…

Along with English beer, you can commonly sample gems from beer countries such as Germany, Belgium and USA. However, when it comes to another great beer country – the Czech Republic, the home to Pilsener lagers, the choice is extremely limited. In fact, you will only find the big brewers owned by global PLCs such as Pilsener Urquell or Staropramen.  

Sampling the Real Bohemian Lager, the true independent Czech Beer is simply not really possible. The difference between a Staropramen lager and say, a Kutna Hora Real Bohemian Lager is about the same as if you compare a properly made English IPA (above 5% ABV) with a Greene King IPA. 🙂

The Czech Republic is home to some 488 breweries and as such has more breweries per inhabitant than beer superpowers Germany or Belgium.  So, we were listening to your British friends mourning about not being able to buy the real country gems and we decided to act.  Here we go with possibly the Best Czech independent Pilseners along with Czech Craft beer!

Czech Beer Alliance – is a beer distribution and marketing agency that made the unbelievable happen – to finally bring Czech independent beer to the UK. The CBA is here to promote independent Real Bohemian Lagers as a new category in the UK and is also to operate the PIVO pubs network worldwide