Clartés company is the owner of the factory Royal Glass Bohemia 1905.The factory is located in the town of Kamenický Šenov in the Czech Republic about 50 km away from the city of Dresden. In the region, which has been the heart of the production of glass and lighting fixtures for centuries. Manufacturing traditions dates back to the 15th century.

The factory itself was established in 1905. The founders were Antonín Jílek – Franz Vetter (both previously worked at Moser glassworks). The glass factory was called Jílek & Vetter. The glass factory specialized in the production of crystal and opal glass.

After 1935, the glass factory began processing its own glass and collaborated with professors from the Prague School of Arts and Crafts such as Josef Dragonovsky. The glass factory also experimented with new glass shades (malachite glass, patented Noctum shade that changes color depending on daylight and the others). Glass grinding workshop was founded in 1935. 

The factory employs 20 employees in the production of design and exclusive lighting fixtures. The company provides the production of technical documentation for the production of lamps, their production from start to finish, final assembly, photo documentation for the client, assembly instructions and export packaging. In case of a client’s request for more complex luminaires, installation on site. 


Three types of lighting installations were designed and handcrafted for this project: a central luminaire for the main space of the pub, luminaires hanging above each individual table and window light fixtures. 

All fixtures were designed with a minimalist mindset taking inspiration from beer and themes surrounding beer crafting. The central lighting fixture positioned above the bar symbolises beer bubbles rising freely through glass whereby the same theme transitions into the design of the individual table fixtures. Going further in the lighting scheme, the windows are decorated by luminaires in the shape of beer mugs. 

All glass components are handmade in Clartés family glass factory. We put high emphasis on the quality craftsmanship of each individual piece created in our workshops. 

If interested, you can visit the production directly at the factory at any time

Clartés provides sales of production from factory, commercial marketing, visualizations and special project designs for clients around the world.

Milan Polák is Chief executive officer with 30 years of experience in the field.