What does the term “family business” mean to us? Everything! We are a Czech family manufacturing and construction company that is constantly evolving. We have been on the market for almost 30 years. We were the first in Europe to start the production of interior partitions, and we have been constantly innovating ever since. Thanks to this, we have been able to develop our interactive walls of the future, the SMART-i-WALL. In addition, we deal with acoustics, we have our own custom metal fabrication and we build Green Buildings, because the future belongs to Green buildings.

We install LIKO-S interior partitions and systems all over the world in the most modern offices of multinational giants as well as in hotels, hospitals and/or manufacturing premises. LIKO-S systems are acoustically reliable, follow recent design trends and technological sophistication such as electronic blinds. We adapt our mobile and sliding walls LIKO-SPACE® and VACUWALL® to the current time and high demands on the adjustability of offices and safe and secure environment. Our patented systems follow and forehead the future office requirements.

Our team and partners are ready not only to provide you with professional advice in the technical area of ​​interior partitions, design solutions for acoustic elements, but above all to ensure your maximum satisfaction with the perfect product that we are proud of.

You will find our branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and India. The partner‘s network is constantly expanding within Europe, the United States of America and Asia.

The United Kingdom is a gateway to design for us. Our company is in active contact with the world known architects and designers, who are working in London on projects around the world.