How to get the proper Czech pour & care about Czech beer

The Hladinka (smooth)

The Hladinka (smooth) is at least two inch of wet foam and the rest is beer. The foam keeps the beer fresh, soft and balanced and you are supposed to finish the beer before it dissipates. You will get Hladinka in most Czech bars as it's a great beer to enjoy with friends.

The Snyt ('Shnit')

or half foam and half beer. Used to be for tapsters only as this is the beer they pour at the start of their shift to make sure everything is running smoothly but drinkers love it nowadays as it is a great compromise between having one, and not having one.

The Mliko (Milk)

is the most unusual poured beer you will ever see. The glass is mostly all foam, poured to drink quickly. It is sweet, smooth with almost no bitterness. It is basically a dessert in a glass.

Now in order to be able to get the proper hladinka pour you need to accommodate your pub quite significantly and that is exactly what we have done at PIVO. It is all about beer stocking, cooling and glass cleaning


Traditional Czech beer is a fragile product, very often served unfiltered and unpasteurized. Our beer comes to the UK in cold transportation and is cold stored

fridge style cellar

We are one of the few pubs in London to have a cellar with an all year 6 C temperature

cooling capacity

in addition t the cold cellar our beer is extra cooled via remote coolers

glass washing

It is essential Czech beer is served in meticulously clean wet glasses that enjoy the same temperature as beer.